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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Kidney Walker. You can register as a Team Captain and manage a Team of fundraising Kidney Walkers, join another Kidney Walk Team, register as an Individual Kidney Walker, or simply raise funds online without having to attend the Kidney Walk!

Event Details

Date:   May 26, 2013
Location:   Parc La FontaineBistro culturel Espace La Fontaine
Check In Begins:   9:00 AM
Warm-up:   9:45 AM
Walk Starts at:   10:00 AM
Contact:   Linda Pellas
Email:   linda.pellas@kidney.ca
Phone:   514-938-4515

Welcome To Kidney Walk!

We are excited to have you for the 2013 Montreal Walk. We have lots of exciting information to share with you during the months leading up to the walk and look forward to meeting you at Parc La Fontaine on May 26, 2013.

Did you know?

Fundraising for the Kidney Walk is fun and easy. By using your walker center, you will be well on your way to having a successful fundraising campaign. Still need more information? Contact Linda Pellas.


You can earn great incentives for all your hard work. Every walker who participates and raises funds will receive a Kidney Walk T-Shirt, but don't stop there. Our average walkers raise $250 and many continue fundraising to reach $1,000 where they can become a member of the Top Fundraiser's Club.

You could participate in The Kidney Run (5 Kms) which leaves at the same time and place as The Walk. In the “Register now” button, please indicate that you will participate in The Kidney Run.

Walker Center

More details about the Kidney Walk

To see all the Kidney Walk participants, please click on "Sponsor a participant" at the top right of the screen and then click on "Search". For a simplified browsing, choose the value "100" in the box "Results/Page".

Enlarge plan
Event Goal
$115,000.00 CAD
$6,199.06 CAD
$110,061.12 CAD
$116,260.18 CAD

1 - Roselyn Le Cours
$11,095.00 CAD
2 - Sylvie Charbonneau
$5,720.00 CAD
3 - Giovanni Stea
$5,670.00 CAD
4 - Louis Charest
$4,211.00 CAD
5 - Veronique Phan
$3,250.00 CAD
6 - Joey Rizzuto
$3,050.00 CAD
7 - Charlotte Duschênes-Best
$2,325.00 CAD
8 - Indra Gupta
$2,150.00 CAD
9 - pascale bernard
$2,116.06 CAD
10 - Debbie Harmidy
$1,680.00 CAD
11 - Nathalie Viau
$1,570.00 CAD
12 - Jean-Guy Desrochers
$1,457.00 CAD
13 - Eddy Masciarelli
$1,440.00 CAD
14 - Nicole Charbonneau
$1,435.00 CAD
15 - Louise Gilbert
$1,395.00 CAD

1 - Rémi le combattant
$14,275.00 CAD
2 - Reins en folie: La grande famille de Ste-Justine
$13,674.00 CAD
3 - Brio Conseils
$10,100.00 CAD
4 - MCH Nephrology
$9,392.00 CAD
5 - JGH Nutty Nephrons
$4,932.00 CAD
6 - les tannants
$4,208.00 CAD
7 - Lance et Marche
$3,620.00 CAD
8 - La vie avec Victor
$2,775.00 CAD
9 - Vanessa Guimond
$2,585.00 CAD
10 - IGA extra 259
$2,116.06 CAD