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MARCH DRIVE 2013 | British Columbia
Door-to-Door eCanvassing Campaign

The Kidney Foundation of Canada's Door-to-Door Campaign is our largest annual fundraising event.

It's a time when thousands of volunteers like you from across Canada come together to make a difference by knocking on doors in their local communities.  Without the success of this campaign, The Kidney Foundation of Canada would not be able to provide the vital services and support to kidney patients and their families across the country.

If you are unable to canvass in your community or simply want to complement your efforts online, we ask that you register today, create your fundraising page, and send emails to friends and family asking for donations. It's a great, quick and easy way to support the campaign. It also helps us save on admin costs so more funds go directly to helping those in need.

To get started, simply click on the Register Now button. On behalf of the thousands of kidney patients and their families in Canada - Thank you for making a difference.
Event Goal
$5,000.00 CAD
$25.00 CAD
$3,250.00 CAD
$3,275.00 CAD

1 - Leslie Young
$1,825.00 CAD
2 - Patricia Bennet
$420.00 CAD
3 - Lisa Borsato
$285.00 CAD
4 - Glen Albers
$265.00 CAD
5 - Jackie Compton
$230.00 CAD
6 - Karen Sweetzir
$100.00 CAD
7 - Pia Anderson
$50.00 CAD
8 - Denyse lepp
$25.00 CAD
9 - Marie Hesse
$25.00 CAD
10 - roxsane tiernan
$25.00 CAD