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Your Support Means the World to Me
I am a renal patient that has hemodialysis three times a week. I have been a dialysis patient since 2009 but was introduced to the exercise program by the South Calgary units kinesiologist Kristen Parker in 2010. Kristen explained the benefits of exercising while on dialysis and she also told me about Kidney March. More specifically, she told me about the patient program for Kidney March.........for every half hour of exercise, we would be credited with 2.5KM. That first year I did the equivalent of 125KM. Ever since, I have increased my total and help raise funds for the Kidney Foundation.

Living with kidney disease is tough both on the person who has it but also those close to them. Your life is controlled by the disease (if you let it) and being on dialysis restricts you in many ways. Being involved with Kidney March over the years has shown me that I am not alone, there are many people in the same situation, often in worse situations in fact. We all understand what each other is going through and we gain strength from each other. It is a very uplifting event, very emotional but very rewarding. Seeing so many wonderful people out on the route in support of the cause is a beautiful sight to behold. I am limited in what I can do, I cannot do the actual walk (although I would love to) due to chronically damaged lungs. My way of supporting the cause is being out and cheering the marchers on, giving them smiles and encouragement when they need it. 

This year (2016) my wife Jayne walked it for the first time and I was so proud of her determination. She was not alone though, she was joined by second time walker, our daughter Jenny, Jenny's boyfriend (first time walker) Garrett Massie and our next door neighbour (another first time walker) Bobbi Hamelin. Once again, their determination to complete the walk made me very humble. I know they all had wonderful experiences and are keen to repeat the march next year. 

Please take the time to read some of the information on the home page and check out the pictures from this years march. Once you have, then please think about making a donation to a wonderful cause to help raise awareness of a disease that affects one in ten Canadians and to fund research too.

Being a crew member means my target to raise is not as high as a marchers so I would be delighted if you would donate to Jayne Hutton instead as she has a much higher target to reach.

Thank you

Jim Hutton


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