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Welcome to Janice's Personal Page

The Pee PeeDancers team consists of a diverse group of Nephrology Professionals.

We all have one thing in common. To provide the best care possible to our renal community. We know that by raising awareness of Kidney Disease and funds for research, one day a cure will be found.

As a marcher, I agree to raise a minimum of $2,200 in order to participate.

We will walk 100km over 3 days and stay at a group campsite for 2 nights with the final dayseeing us March into Canada Olympic Park in Calgary.

I am Registered Nurse working in Nephrology Research, and I have also spent many memorable years as a hemodialysis nurse in the Southern Alberta Renal Program (SARP).

This will be my NINTH amazing year that I will be participating in the Kidney March along with my fellow Pee Pee Dancers.

For me, there are many reasons why I have decided to participate in this event.

  • To help the many people affected by kidney disease by raising funds and awareness for this great organization.
  • The desire to see improved lives and better outcomes for my patients through research.
  • The need to be a part of a community of people that are working towards a common goal…..Our KM family ROCKS!!
  • The opportunity to meet some very inspiring people who, so easily, share their stories.

Thank-you for considering a donation to support my quest to raise funds for KIDNEY MARCH 2018……oh ya….and also beat the KIDNEY KIDS in fundraising…let’s make this year the best one yet!!!

With sincereappreciation and gratitude,

Janice MacKay

Prefer the feel of pen and paper? Click here to download our donation form.

If you think this page contains objectionable content, please email us at info@kidneymarch.ca.
My Goal
$5,000.00 CAD
$2,688.13 CAD

My Honour Roll

  • The PeePee Dancers Fundraiser
    $1,155.42 CAD
  • The PeePee Dancers Fundraiser
    $327.71 CAD
  • The PeePee Dancers Fundraiser
    $305.00 CAD
  • Nanette Henderson & Vantage Point Investment Mgmt
    $300.00 CAD
  • Cobs Birthday BBQ
    $200.00 CAD
  • Alison Manns
    $100.00 CAD
  • Nairne Scott-Douglas
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