We want to make sure that you have the tools and resources you need to reach your fundraising goal.

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Top Fundraising Tips

1. Show the Way
Be committed! Make the first pledge yourself, and show all your family and friends your dedication to fighting kidney disease.

2. Online Fundraising – Participant Centre
Manage all your fundraising activity online with our Participant Centre! Contact your friends, manage online and offline donations, and track your fundraising progress.

3. Set a goal
Track and share your progress with current and potential donors. Many people will donate a little bit more if they know you’re close to your goal.

4. Ask for Action
Don’t just tell people you participate in the Kidney Walk. Ask them to support you, to join you. Use words like “Donate Now!” or “Join my team!” to inspire action. Tell donors about the impact of kidney disease, and how the Kidney Foundation uses pledges to make a difference.

5. Utilize your entire network
Start with family and friends. Then move on to colleagues and clients. Everyone could be a potential sponsor, from your doctor, dentist, or your mechanic!

6. Use social media
Don’t forget about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Post your story, share your personal fundraising page, and spread the word. Keep your family and friends updated on your progress. Just short of your goal? Let people know what it will take to reach it.

7. Corporate Matching
Find out if your company offers a corporate matching program, or likes to sponsor worthwhile community events.

8. Hold your own fundraising event
Engage your family, friends, and community with a fun event. Host a BBQ, bake sale, pub night, community garage sale, or other exciting activity.

9. Spread the news
Bring your local news reporter into the loop. Do you have a story? Give them the scoop on why and who you’re raising money for.

10. Thank you thank you thank you!
People like to be asked…but they also like to feel appreciated. Thank all your donors and let them know they made difference.