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Welcome to Jayne's Personal Page
In September 2018 I will walk in my 3rd Kidney March, 100km in 3days. I am walking for my hero, Jim & all people dealing with kidney disease. Many of you know about Jim’s health issues but for those who don’t he was hospitalized in 2009 with a rare pneumonia for 8 1/2 months, 5 1/2 in ICU. He was left with 25% lung function, kidney failure & a permanently damaged bowel. He is on oxygen 24/7, dialysis 3 times a week & tube fed at night. Despite all this he remains upbeat & has taken part in Kidney March since the start on the patient program. A good friend who did the walk for the first time in 2017 told me it was the most difficult thing she’d ever done. Kidney March is difficult & challenging but not the most difficult thing I’ve done. Watching Jim deal with his health issues on a daily basis IS the most difficult thing I have done. Kidney March is also about the phenomenal people you meet & their inspirational stories. All who do it become part of the Kidney March family.
Kidney March raises awareness of kidney disease, the need for life saving research & organ donation. To do this walk I need to raise $2200 but I want to do more. Please help me by going to kidneymarch.ca, sponsor marcher 2018, look for me & donate. Thank you to all who donate.
By the way Kidney March should be on everyone’s bucket list, so go on take a chance do something incredible.
Kidney Disease is on the rise, affecting one in 10 Canadians. 

Kidney failure can be fatal. Unfortunately, it is a leading cause of death in Canada. And there is no cure.
A kidney crisis is looming. The time to make a difference is now. Failure is not an option.

Prefer the feel of pen and paper? Click here to download our donation form.

If you think this page contains objectionable content, please email us at info@kidneymarch.ca.
My Goal
$3,000.00 CAD
$3,598.00 CAD

My Honour Roll

  • Jayne Hutton
    $210.00 CAD
  • Jayne Hutton
    $120.00 CAD
  • Alison Laberge
    $100.00 CAD
  • Alta Hodgson
    $100.00 CAD
  • sarah strachan
    $100.00 CAD
  • Lucia Comin
    $90.00 CAD
  • Todd Gubtger
    $87.00 CAD
  • Jasper Graveline
    $80.00 CAD
  • Robert Buzinski
    $60.00 CAD
  • Sheri Forbes
    $60.00 CAD
  • Ana Laura Chaves
    $50.00 CAD
  • Manjinder Mann
    $50.00 CAD
  • Laura Fleming
    $40.00 CAD
  • Susana Farinos
    $40.00 CAD
  • Carol Rigg
    $36.00 CAD
  • Caroline Hutton
    $35.00 CAD
  • gareth hutton
    $35.00 CAD
  • Leo Hashiguchi
    $25.00 CAD
  • Shizuko Boga
    $24.00 CAD
  • Braden Manns
  • caprice brunelle
  • Corwin Fish
  • DJ McMahon
  • Elaine Nichols
  • Jennifer McKeever
  • Jill Goth
  • Laura Fleming
  • Michael Leeming
  • Pat Blakemore
  • Patricia Rowlands
  • Rajeev Sharma
  • Robert and Rhonda Jones
  • Sheelagh Carter
  • Anonymous
    $300.00 CAD
  • Anonymous
    $200.00 CAD
  • Anonymous
    $100.00 CAD
  • Anonymous
    $12.00 CAD
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