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On June 14 of this year I was informed by my doctor my kidneys are failing. Within 1 to 2 years I will most likely be in kidney failure and will require dialysis while I wait for a transplant (on average 3 to 4 years).

My situation is I have an autoimmune disease that for some reason is attacking my kidneys, it’s just unfortunate luck, there was nothing I could have done to stop this.

I am blessed to live in this country where I have a good chance to survive via dialysis and hopefully a transplant. In many countries this is a death sentence.

Currently, I have no symptoms. Kidneys are rather amazing in that you have 2, but only need 1. You only need 1 operating at around 15% to survive without symptoms.  Both my kidneys are impacted and are currently operating at 25%.  Kidney disease is non reversible, failure is inevitable. My timeline is projected that I will be in failure and require dialysis within 2 years, it might be months, it might be 4 years. There is no history of kidney disease in my family.

Statistically 80 to 90 % of all Canadians support organ donation upon death. Yet less than 20% of people take the few simple steps to ensure they can become a donor. The steps are amazingly simple:

1)      First and foremost, inform your family and friends of your wishes. Be clear. It is your family that ultimately will decide what happens once you have deceased. You need to have this conversation with your family - whether you do or don't want to be a donor. Make this as easy as you can on your family and friends let them clearly know your wishes. Hospital personnel will always ask your family for the final approval. 

2)      If you wish to be a organ donor you now can do this when renewing your driver’s license (your driver’s license will then say “donor” on it) . Additionally, on the back of your Alberta Health Care card there is a box you can check. You may also register on the Canadian Transplant Society's website (where all you need is your Health Care card and 2 minutes of time). If you do not want to donate then you do not have to do anything.

I’m not trying to influence whether you should or should not donate , that is your decision. But you do need to let your family and friends know your wishes. For those who wish to be an organ donor upon death and it does not occur because of a missed opportunity, is beyond sad.

I am registered in the Kidney March this September (100 Km walk in 3 days) to help raise awareness and money for Kidney disease. My objective is to raise awareness and specifically to encourage people to take the above steps should they wish to become an organ donor upon death (over 75% of people waiting for organ donation are waiting for kidneys). Raising money is not my focus, not something I am comfortable in doing.  I do ask you make your wishes known to your family and friends - please have the conversation.

If you want to donate $5 to my Kidney March I will know you have at least given thought to this subject. You do not need to donate any more than $5 - please have the conversation.

Kidney disease is indiscriminate - it can attack your parents, siblings, your children, your friends or yourself....organ donation will save lives. Feel free to pass this on. 

 Failure is not an option.

Prefer the feel of pen and paper? Click here to download our donation form.

If you think this page contains objectionable content, please email us at info@kidneymarch.ca.
My Goal
$2,200.00 CAD
$11,607.00 CAD

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