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The Kidney Sisters
We are the kidney sisters and we are walking from Kananaskis to Calgary on September 8th, 9th and 10th to support our Dad and youngest sister! 

Dad's Story
In his early fifties - just 13 years ago - Dad (Fred) was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease (PKD). At that time he began seeing a nephrologist and was informed that he had 49% kidney function. Within the next 5 years he became symptomatic, experiencing fatigue, feeling cold and extreme itchiness in his lower extremities. He continues to see a nephrologist every 3 months with monthly blood work and the discussion regarding kidney transplant vs dialysis came to fruition in 2014. Information was provided on living donors and due to eligibility criteria 4 out of 5 daughters were eliminated, leaving our eldest sister, Cindi, as the only option. In 2015, Dad and Cindi began testing, including genetic testing, to see if they would be a match. THEY ARE A MATCH!! Dad is currently at 12% kidney function so he is working hard to reach his target weight and keeping a positive mind in order for the transplant to be a success. 

When asked what Dad would like you to know, he said that PKD is incurable; it is manageable for a period of time, but that this time there is no cure.Through your donation, you will be supporting the Kidney Foundation of Canada with research, donation initiatives (like Dad requires), and disease prevention.

Following the transplant Dad looks forward to have more energy which will help him spend some quality time with his family, especially his grandchildren. 

Naomi's Story
At the ripe age of 18, our youngest sister was diagnosed with PKD. Unlike Dad, Naomi started experiencing high blood pressure, a symptom of PKD, at 16 years old. At the time there was no reason to suspect kidney dysfunction however, once Dad was diagnosed with PKD Naomi was tested and it came back that she has it as well. At diagnosis her kidney function was 82%, 7 years later she has dropped to 67%. At the time of diagnosis Naomi began seeing a Nephrologist and continues to see one every 18 months as her disease is considered stable at this time. Naomi is one of the lucky ones, this disease is usually caught much later in life when slowing of the disease is much more difficult. Because she knows about it she can manage the progression with medication and diet. This doesn't mean she is out of the woods, there is still a chance that she could experience kidney failure later in life and would be in the same position as Dad. Also of importance is that fact that this disease is hereditary, meaning Naomi has a 1 in 4 chance of passing PKD onto any future children she may have. 

The Kidney Foundation of Canada helps with disease prevention and research, which are both crucial to Naomi. Help us keep Naomi healthy for many years to come!

We will take on a 100km walk over 3 days to show our support for kidney disease and our Dad and our sister, we ask that you donate to show your support. 


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Our Goal
$10,000.00 CAD
$1,880.00 CAD